About La La Woodland

"La La Woodland"是一個香港原創角色品牌,故事講述一個透過百年老樹連接人類城市的空間,只有動物居住的國度,那裡有著很多奇怪的生活守則。

“La La Woodland” is an original character brand about the bizarre human-like life of woodland animals in a whimsical utopia and promoting the message “FIND MY WAY”. We are open for interesting projects and welcome any collaboration for using our characters in your marketing campaigns, events, products...etc.

Please feel free to e-mail us for more info :)

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  • Knoa Chung - Illustrator & Animator

  • Knoa has worked on a diverse array of projects, from illustration, kids magazine comic, to independent and commercial animation. She hopes to share her stories with the audience and heal their soul through her artwork.  
    Blog: http://knoachung.tumblr.com

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